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I have been subject to a hostile work environment, can I take my employment case to court?

The answer to the question of whether you may pursue a hostile workplace lawsuit in a court may depend on whether you signed an employment agreement to arbitrate.  The U.S. Supreme Court recently rea… Read More
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Case Success: Teacher Cleared of Indecent Exposure Charge (MLive)

A Hastings, Michigan elementary school teacher can finally start getting back to normal life after a jury acquitted him of a misguided indecent exposure charge; the charge arose after he peed in his o… Read More
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Case Success: Toledo Patrolman Jamie Brown Ordered to be Reinstated (Toledo Blade)

Toledo police patrolman Jamie Brown has been reinstated by an arbitrator to his job with full back pay. He had been unjustly fired, and the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association appealed the firing.… Read More
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Case Success: Arbitrator Upholds Toledo Firefighters' Contract Rights

A labor arbitrator upheld the rights of our client, a member of the Toledo Firefighters, Local 92, to receive comp time properly requested under the union’s collective bargaining agreement. Read… Read More
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Court Upholds Cut to Detroit Police Pay — Union Will Appeal (Chicago Tribune)

After the Wayne County Circuit Court initially ordered the City to halt its 10% wage cut for Detroit police officers, the Court has now upheld Mayor Dave Bing’s cuts. Donato Iorio, who represen… Read More
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Ohio Senate Bill 5 Continues the Debate Over Pension Pickups (Toledo Blade)

Senate Bill 5 would weaken government workers’ ability to collectively bargain for employment terms and rights. Among other things, it could ban the option of pension pickups commonly included i… Read More
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Donato Iorio Speaks at the Capital

Donato Iorio was glad to be on hand at the labor rally in Lansing. Watch the video. Read More
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Op-Ed: Police, Firefighters Already Have Sacrificed (Toledo Blade)

In a recent op-ed, Donato Iorio expressed his support of Toledo firefighters and police officers in the wake of calls to eliminate their contractual pension pickups in order to save money for the Ci… Read More
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The Fight for Unions Draws Fire — and Praise (Toledo Blade)

The commitment of Ted Iorio and Donato Iorio to fighting for unions drew fire — and praise — in this article on the City’s contract negotiations with the Toledo Police Patrolman’s… Read More
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