Severance Agreements and Non-Compete Clauses

Sometimes individuals who have been terminated from a job do not want to (or cannot) return to work for their former employer. If you have been presented with a severance package by your employer or are considering options in relation to a wrongful termination case, the Grand Rapids employment attorneys at Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon can provide the experienced counsel you may need to evaluate your rights.

We regularly review and negotiate severance packages for employees who chose not to pursue litigation. If you are considering a severance package, there are many factors to address, including:

  • Severance payments or other monetary consideration;
  • The legality of any proposed non-compete clause;
  • How your personnel file information and requests for employment references will be handled;
  • Your right to be paid earned sales commissions;
  • Health insurance and other forms of insurance benefits;
  • Your rights under state or private pension plans; and
  • Accrued vacation or other time and accrued benefits.

Contact our Grand Rapids attorneys to speak with us about how we can serve you in a Michigan employment matter.

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