Grand Rapids Personal Injury Attorneys

The Grand Rapids personal injury attorneys of Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon provide representation in all types of personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, product liability, railroad collisions, trucking accidents, dog bite cases, assaults, defamation cases, and cases involving wrongful deaths. The firm's attorneys have litigation experience in state and federal courts throughout Ohio and Michigan at both the trial and appellate levels.

The firm's attorneys deal extensively with insurance companies and medical providers, as well as the court system, and are experienced in negotiating settlements which avoid excessive litigation costs. We work with physicians and hospitals to allow our clients the time to obtain a fair settlement, or, if necessary, to litigate. In personal injury cases, Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon works on a contingency basis where our fee is determined by our ability to obtain recovery for our client.

Contact our Grand Rapids attorneys to speak with us about how we can serve you in a Michigan personal injury matter.