I had the privilege of working with Fil Iorio in a recent criminal investigation. When I first was told that I was under criminal investigation, my first thought was "this is something that happens on tv ... it couldn't possibly be happening to me." However, once reality set in, I was given Fil's name and contact information. He made this "nightmare" become less scary and was incredibly thorough and clear throughout the entire process. He had my best interest in mind throughout the investigation and showed an authentic and genuine care towards myself and my family. It didn't take me long to realize that Fil was the best choice for me and my family. He was not willing to compromise my integrity as an innocent man and made sure to fight for that. If you are looking for an attorney who is a great guy, cares about his clients, will fight for them and makes hard situations easier, then Fil Iorio is the attorney for you. I give him my highest recommendation.