As the Vice President of Toledo Firefighters Local 92 and as a Trustee on the Ohio Police and Fire Pension fund I have worked with Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon for more than a decade. Together we have worked successfully on a myriad of issues from complex contract negotiations, to employment issues and strategizing on statewide political issues. The members of Toledo Firefighters Local 92 entrust Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon with our Safety and Livelihood.

– Dan Desmond, Vice President of Toledo Firefighters Local 92

Fil did a great job of staying focused on my case, never budging away from my defense, he was confident that the law was on our side, and fought for the truth to come out and to show that the allegations against me were false.

Even though I was found not guilty by a Jury of my peers I was fired from my (teaching position) employment. Fil represented me in that case as well arguing that there was not grounds for my termination. Fil did a stellar job representing me in my tenure hearing and before the State Administrative Law Judge who was equally impressed with his Case Law knowledge. That Case Law knowledge, his determination not to lose, and his confidence in my innocence eventually resulted in returning back to my job.

– Teacher, Past Client

The GREIU has had a relationship with Ted and Fil Iorio for 15 plus years, this firm exemplifies excellence and professionalism in all matters concerning our business. Our members have personally used their services and have referred Fil and his team for all matters needing their expertise in all areas of the legal arena. Core values are important to our organization, Fil and his team share in our value system that nurtures respect for all.

– Ken Godwin, GREIU

I had the privilege of working with Fil Iorio in a recent criminal investigation. When I first was told that I was under criminal investigation, my first thought was "this is something that happens on tv ... it couldn't possibly be happening to me." However, once reality set in, I was given Fil's name and contact information. He made this "nightmare" become less scary and was incredibly thorough and clear throughout the entire process. He had my best interest in mind throughout the investigation and showed an authentic and genuine care towards myself and my family. It didn't take me long to realize that Fil was the best choice for me and my family. He was not willing to compromise my integrity as an innocent man and made sure to fight for that. If you are looking for an attorney who is a great guy, cares about his clients, will fight for them and makes hard situations easier, then Fil Iorio is the attorney for you. I give him my highest recommendation.

– Past Client

Some of Fil Iorio's outstanding characteristics are his vision and creative ability. He has also guided a team of professionals at the firm and he applies innovative solutions to address challenges facing today's union members. He is intelligent, quick to learn and willing to spend the time needed to master new responsibilities. He has a thirst for knowledge and is committed to all he represents. Fil's greatest strengths are being imaginative and resourceful. He balances those traits with logical, analytical, and factual modes of thinking and he demonstrates ability to multi-task multiple projects.

– Lisa Angus, First Vice President, GREIU

At my trial which lasted three days Fil was outstanding in the courtroom. His examination of witnesses and explaining the facts and our case to the jury was top notch. In the end I was found not guilty and what a relief. My family and I cannot thank Kalniz, Iorio & Reardon Co., L.P.A. enough for their efforts and I would highly recommend their law firm if you are ever in need of legal counsel.

– Past Client

Needing an attorney can be scary. I have watched Fil Iorio put individuals and families at ease time after time. He is patient and well prepared. If you ever need an attorney, Fil Iorio would be my first call!

– Past Client

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Fil Iorio and the Kalinz, Iorio & Reardon Law firm on several occasions. Most recently with Fil Iorio. I found his written and oral communication skills to be extraordinary. In two of the cases Mr. Iorio was able to unearth very helpful information from my member just by listening and empathizing. In every case that I have worked with Mr. Iorio he has shown the utmost integrity and honesty and has been able to convey that to our client. Mr. Iorio has a strong eye for detail and is extremely organized. On at least two occasions it was very clear to all present that Mr. Iorio had spent many more hours in preparation than the attorney for the opposition. I am looking forward to working with Mr. Iorio in the future and gladly recommend he and the Kalinz, Iorio & Reardon law firm to all of my members requiring legal services.

– Sandy Paesens, Michigan Education Association
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