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I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Fil Iorio and the Kalinz, Iorio & Reardon Law firm on several occasions. Most recently with Fil Iorio. I found his written and oral communication skills to be extraordinary. In two of the cases Mr. Iorio was able to unearth very helpful information from my member just by listening and empathizing. In every case that I have worked with Mr. Iorio he has shown the utmost integrity and honesty and has been able to convey that to our client. Mr. Iorio has a strong eye for detail and is extremely organized. On at least two occasions it was very clear to all present that Mr. Iorio had spent many more hours in preparation than the attorney for the opposition. I am looking forward to working with Mr. Iorio in the future and gladly recommend he and the Kalinz, Iorio & Reardon law firm to all of my members requiring legal services.

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